Posted February 15, 2019 07:48:40ABC radio listeners across the country have been joined by a number of Australians who have had a bad experience with the ABC sign language service.ABC Radio National’s ‘Bado Sign’ podcast has heard from abc listeners who had difficulty pronouncing the sign, and also from people who have been confused about the sign language.

ABC Radio New Zealand’s podcast also heard from listeners who felt it was difficult to use abc in the digital age.

“There’s not a lot of things I can do, because it’s like trying to read from a book with your hands,” one listener told

“It’s hard, you have to get used to it, and it’s not like reading a book,” another said.

“It’s a language you don’t speak, and you have the wrong hand and the wrong finger.”

The website has more than 800,000 downloads, and is available to all listeners in all regions of the country.

“The abC sign language is a lot more complex than most people realise,” the website reads.

“Many people struggle to understand it, but it’s definitely a lot easier to understand than English.”

It has also attracted criticism from and other online news outlets for the lack of information about sign language and its use, with some saying it was confusing and frustrating for some listeners.

The abctV podcast has been met with praise from, which has spoken to abcSignal co-founder and chief executive Michael McManus about its sign language services.

He said he understood that people might be confused about sign languages.

“I think people need to understand the sign languages in order to communicate,” he told on Friday.

“You need to use your right hand, you need to do it properly, and to understand what they are saying, you’re going to have to use a different sign language.”

McManus said the site’s sign language system had been a huge success.

“We’ve got more than 700,000 people that use it every day, and that’s about half of the ABC,” he said.

“There are people who say they’re not able to do the signs properly.

They can’t even pronounce it, so they can’t understand what we’re saying.”

But the site is so popular, so much so that there are people that are not even on the site because they can read it.

People are much more comfortable speaking English and understanding the signs.””

[It’s] made a huge difference in the way people communicate and interact with the world,” he added.

“People are much more comfortable speaking English and understanding the signs.”

The ABC has launched a sign language programme on abc radio and online, including a website for sign language learners, to help ease the burden of sign language use.