The world is a crowded place, and signs are everywhere.

With so many places to sign up for things, it’s easy to forget just how many places there are in the world.

Luckily, there are some great signs around the world that can help you keep your sanity.

Here are the best signs to keep your mind sharp, and keep your phone out of the air.


The US flag on the White House lawn: As the US is known around the globe, the White Houses flag can often get in the way of others looking for the US flag.

This sign can help your eyes catch on the US, and can be a handy reminder of where you are located.


The European Union flag on a beach: While there are many flags that can be found at beaches around the EU, the European Union has one of the best in the entire world.

This flag has a very strong sense of unity, and is perfect for a beach vacation.


The Canadian flag on your car: While you’re out on the road, you might not have any idea what flag the other drivers are driving.

It’s easy for this to get in your way when you’re on the go.

If you’re stuck on the drive, you can use this sign to tell your driver to stop, and if you want to be more helpful, you could also ask him to move the flag.


The American flag on an overpass: This is a sign that you have the right to drive overpasses in your country, and it can be used as a reminder that you’re a citizen of the US. 5.

The Chinese flag on skyscrapers: It’s hard to believe that the Chinese flag has the biggest size of all the flags in the sky, but it’s true.

This huge flag is a great sign to remind people of where they are, and also to remind the world where they live.


The Israeli flag on Mount Everest: It seems like an obvious choice for a flag, but the Israeli flag has something unique to it.

This one is made of pure white marble, and its also very impressive.


The Palestinian flag on top of the World Trade Center: This flag is the tallest flag in the US with a diameter of 2,000 feet.

It was also the first flag to be flown over the World’s Fair.


The Turkish flag on Parliament Square: This one was the flag used to protest the US’s treatment of the Kurds during the Kurdish National Conference in Ankara.

If the Kurds had been allowed to hold a demonstration, this flag would have been on display.


The Australian flag on Sydney Harbour: This huge, flag-shaped flag can be seen all over the city, from the Opera House to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


The Indonesian flag on Tahrir Square: If you were to take a walk around the city of Tahrir, you would see many different flags floating on the ground, which is quite a sight to see.

The Indonesians flag is so large that you can see the outline of its outline on the buildings.


The Japanese flag on Mt.

Fuji: This large flag is one of two flags that have been flown over Mt.

Sumatra in Japan, and both flags were the first flags flown over Mount Fuji.

This is one sign that will have you feeling patriotic and proud when you see it. 12.

The Indian flag on New York City’s Central Park: The flag on this one is very big, so it is difficult to see the shape of the flag at first.

However, if you look closely, you’ll be able to see that it is very beautiful.


The Vietnamese flag on Saigon’s iconic Golden Triangle: This tiny flag can actually be seen from the city center to the sea, and people will recognize this flag as the symbol of Saigon.


The Korean flag on Seoul’s Olympic Stadium: This massive flag has been flown at every Olympics since 1994, and in 2013, it was the symbol that the South Korean government wanted to see everywhere.

It is one great reminder that the country is always on the move.


The Arabic flag on Jerusalem’s Mount Zion: This sign is so small, but its so powerful that it can make you feel like you’re standing on the Temple Mount.


The Greek flag on Capitol Hill: This Greek flag is extremely popular in the United States, and will certainly be seen in your backyard.


The British flag on London Bridge: The British flags are not just for the UK, they are also for all the other countries in the European continent.

They can be easily seen from London, and are great reminders of where the country lives.


The French flag on Place des Arts in Paris: While it is a little bigger than the United Kingdom flag, this French flag is actually the largest flag in Europe.

Its the largest and most recognizable flag on earth.


The German flag on Munich’s Brand