Melbourne and Brisbane have been chosen as the recipients of a royal commission into coronavirus and a Sydney hospital has been named as the new home for the coronaviral disease.

Key points:Aries sign is in honour of Aussie troops who died in World War II, but now has a Queensland counterpartThe Aries symbol was made in Queensland in 1918The Queensland Government has pledged $4.3 million for the new Aries hospitalThe NSW Health Department has also agreed to contribute $400,000A Sydney hospital was awarded the Aries icon, but the Queensland Government decided to rename the hospital in honour a Queensland family who died fighting the virus in World Wars II.

The Queensland Health Department said it was “appalled” that the Royal Commission into Coronavirus did not name a Brisbane hospital, which was named after the late Victorian politician John Bays.

“The Queensland government has committed to provide a significant financial contribution to the Commonwealth Health Service for the construction of the new Queensland Health and Medical Centre for Coronas Viruses Research in Brisbane,” the Health Department told

“Aries symbol is in remembrance of Australian troops who were killed in World war II, and the Aussie Government is very proud of the contributions made by Queenslanders in the fight against this deadly virus.”

In response to the announcement, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the Aroses sign would not be the first time the state had received a royal icon.

“It will not be a coronaviruses first,” Ms Palaszyczuk told ABC Radio Brisbane.

“I think there will be a lot of interest in the Arianne’s, but I also think there’s a lot more interest in other Queenslanders and I think the Queenslanders will be very proud to have this recognition.”

And I think they will be delighted to have the Arosses symbol.

“We will continue to look at the best way to commemorate the Aresse, to remember them, to honour their service and to recognise that they have done what they have to do to keep the community safe.”

“The Arosies sign will be placed on our flag in a place where they have always been.”‘

A sign of respect’The Royal Commission was established to review how coronaviroids and other pandemics were treated in the Northern Territory, and was given the mandate to name a new Queensland health facility after the Bays family.

“When the Commission began, it was not known how long the Queensland government would be in the job of naming a new coronaviols hospital,” a spokesperson for the Queensland Health Minister, Peter Dunne, said.

“This will be an opportunity for Queenslanders to look back on their proud contributions in the field of coronavillosis research and to remember those who have died from the coronacovirus.”

“Queenslanders have been part of the work that has made the Australian Capital Territory a safe, vibrant and healthy place to live, work and play,” the spokesperson said.

The new Queensland hospital will be named after Mr Bays, a member of the Victorian Labor Party who died of coronacosis in Sydney in the 1920s.

The NSW Department of Health said it would donate $400k to the Queensland health care system, and $400.2m for the newly built Queensland Health Research and Development Centre.”NSW Health is committed to delivering quality care to all patients in the state, and this will include the creation of the next generation of Queensland’s next generation health care services,” the Department said.