A few years ago, the term ‘crip’ was the buzzword of the underworld, but now it’s synonymous with crime.

Criminals have embraced the term, too, for the simple reason that it conjures images of street-level violence, street-shaming and gang-related deaths.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular crip symbols and how they’ve become synonymous with street violence.

Crip gang sign Crip gang is the acronym for the Criminal Cartel.

In Australia, the Crip Gang is made up of a group of criminal groups that includes the NSW Crime Commission, the Victorian Police Force, the Western Australian Police Force and the Queensland Police Force.

The Cripgang, or the Criminal Group, is made of the largest criminal syndicate in Australia.

Their main objective is to rob, kill and steal property.

They operate mainly on the East Coast of Australia, and operate with a network of more than 1,000 members.

Aquarius sign Aquarius is the sign of the planet Mercury, which represents the animal spirit.

It is also associated with crime and criminal activity.

It’s a sign of prosperity and harmony.

It symbolises the sun, which is also represented by the crescent moon.

Venus sign Venus is the symbol of the Earth.

It means light, health and prosperity.

The word Venus also means beauty and the male sex, and the female sex, which means fertility.

Taurus sign Taurus represents the masculine and the feminine, and is the planet Venus.

It represents strength and determination.

It also symbolises energy and the power of nature.

Gemini sign Gemini represents the four cardinal directions, which can symbolise wealth, pleasure and power.

Pisces sign Pisces represents the five-spotted emblem, which indicates the four seasons of the year.

It shows the four directions.

Libra sign Libra is the female sign of spring and is associated with fertility, health, romance and sexuality.

Horus sign The symbol of life, the Horus sign is a representation of the soul.

It depicts a human figure with a flowing robe, wings and a crown, surrounded by flames.

Ophiuchus sign Ophiuchuses is the Greek symbol for love and devotion, which suggests a feeling of friendship and harmony between man and woman.

It appears to be a representation a woman in love with her lover.

Scorpio sign Scorpio is the Roman sign for the Sun, and represents the rising and setting of the Sun.

It signifies the solar cycle, or a cycle of seasons.

Eve sign The constellation of Orion is associated to beauty and health, as well as the ability to achieve and maintain goals.

It was also the symbol for the Virgin Mary, who was crucified in the church of St. Peter.

Jupiter sign Jupiter is the Latin sign for hope, and symbolises a new beginning.

It marks the beginning of a new life.

Capricorn sign Capricorn is the constellation of the sun and is a sign for good health and happiness.

It can be interpreted as an indication of good fortune and prosperity, as in the Greek word for prosperity, kyphos.

Sagittarius sign Sagittarius is a constellation of three stars, which are also associated to the ability and willingness to accomplish and achieve.

It signifies health, happiness and strength.

Pluto sign The planet Pluto is associated mainly with the Sun and the Earth, and has an unusual shape, with its arms reaching out from the Earth in a line across its face.

It has an elongated neck and arms, which resemble those of a scorpion.

Neptune sign Neptune is the ruler of the solar system, and was the symbol used by Greek gods and men to represent wisdom and knowledge.

It sits at the center of the Solar System, between the Sun’s planets Uranus and Neptune.

Vesta sign The name Vesta is the name of the Roman goddess of justice, justice, chastity and beauty.

It contains the Greek letters πατέχιστο, which mean ‘good-will’, and the Latin word for love, consortia.

Leo sign Leo is the brightest star in the constellation Leo, which has the same meaning as the word ‘leap’.

It is sometimes called the ‘star of the South’, because of the way it appears to jump from the south pole to the north pole in its orbits.

In mythology, Leo was the patron of justice and justice was associated with good fortune.

It could also symbolise the death of an enemy or a death sentence.

Mars sign Mars is the fifth-planet of the night sky, and it’s often used to represent fertility and beauty, as it is the only planet in the solar night sky that’s not inhabited by any living thing.

It stands above the