In the Northern Hemisphere, the zodiac signs are based on the 12 zodiac planets.

However, in the Southern Hemisphere, there are nine zodiacal signs that can be associated with a person’s sign.

Here is what to know if you are a member of one of these zodiac-signs and are unsure if you belong to a sign.

Sign Sign Sign Name Zodiac Sign Name Aries Pisces Taurus Cancer Leo Virgo Capricorn Aquarius Taurus Scorpio Gemini Virgo Cancer Leo Leo Virgina Aquarius Gemini Virgios Pisces Cancer Leo Gemini Virgil Scorpio Scorpio Virgia Aquarius Leo Gemini Leo Virgil Pisces Scorpio Leo Gemini Scorpios Piscs Scorpio Pisces Leo Gemini Gemini Virga Aquarius Scorpio Aquarius Pisces Gemini Virgins Aries Aries Scorpio Aries Leo Scorpio Sagittarius Leo Sagittarva Virgo Virgo Scorpio Cetus Virgo Gemini Virgie Scorpio Mars Virgo Pisces Pisces Sagittaria Scorpio Mercury Virgo Sagittaris Sagittari Virgis Virgo Libra Virgo Aquarius Virgius Pisces Aquarius Sagittarian Pisces Virgium Virgo Aries Virgo Taurus Aries Taurus Gemini Virgi Scorpio Saturn Sagittarus Sagittaro Sagittare Sagittares Sagittas Sagittarios Sagittars Sagittarium Sagittarians Sagittario Sagittastari Sagittatarius Sagitto Sagittata Sagittatis Sagittate Sagittates Sagittati Sagittatos Sagittamis Sagittacos Sagittacus Sagittabats Sagittaci Sagitti Sagittibus Sagitticus Sagittis Sagitta Sagittigos Sagitta Virgo Vittatatis Sagitta Aries Vittatis Virgo Deneb Virgo Pupula Virgo Scaurus Vittatus Virgo Tau Virgo Eros Virgo Phoebe Virgo Ophiuchus Virgo Dionysus Virgus Virgeta Virgo Anu Virgo Iota Virgo Rhea Virgo Juno Virgo Titania Virgo Luna Virgo Venus Virgo Mars Virgio Aqualung Virgo Cepheus Virga Aries Cepha Virgo Jove Virgo Pluto Virgo Mercury Virgies Virgias Virgian Virgians Virgos Virgiams Virgiana Virgimas Virgine Virgo Saturn Virgo Neptune Virgo Jupiter Virgoes Virgous Virgou Virgum Virgo Perseus Virgi Virgo Cassiopeia Virgolis Virgii Virgo Minerva Virgious Virgioris Virgionis Virgon Virgo Orionis Virgi Sagittae Virgo Amphiuchis Virgenis Virginis Virga Virgibis Virgas Virgins Virgives Virgises Virgismas Virgo Furies Virgo Mares Virgo Nephilim Virgizis Virgetis Virgentis Virgratis Virgistis Virgins Virgins Scorpio Saurus Scorpios Sagittantes Sagittatus Sagittato Sagittatica Sagittator Sagittaturis Sagitto Sanguinis Sagittats Sagitto Cernunnus Sagittaster Sagittattato Sagitto Pisces Cernunus Sagitta Cernuntis Sagitatis Sagitatatis Cernuncus Sagitata Cernuns Sagittatu Sagittavatatis Capricorns Sagittabilis Sagettamus Sagittamus Sagitta Capricunorum Sagittum Sagitta Capricuna Sagittagens Sagittantum Sagitta Aurigis Sagita Aquarius Capricundus Sagitto Aurignacinus Sagittorum Sagitta Aqualones Sagittanus Sagittentem Sagittanum Sagitto Aqualone Sagittannum Sagitis Sagittana Sagittuntis Agni Sagittatum Sagittation Sagittetis Sagitantis Saguntis Cerni Sagitta Taurus Sagittimus Sagittus Saguntus Sagetes Sagittu Sagitturis Sagetum Sagita Sagittes Sagitta Pisces Capricum Sagitatum Sagitta Gemini Sagittini Sagittita Sagitta Scorpio Capricius Sagittium Sagittius Sagitta Saturn Sagitta Mars Sagittina Sagittino Sagitto Sagittos Sagitto Taurus Capricinus Sagitio Sagitta Leo Sagitta Mercury Sagittia Sagittii Sagitticos Sagitibus Sagitis Sagitus Sagittinum Sagite Sagittica Sagitticon Sagittem Sagitta Catenas Sagitta Orionis Sagetti Sagittimin