April Zodiac sign sign is often seen in the western world as a sign of innocence.

It is also a sign that is more often associated with a particular gender.

This is partly because many people think that the word april means “child” and so they can associate the sign with innocence.

But if you look at the dictionary, you will see that april comes from the Latin word “apre”, meaning “child”.

So when you see this name associated with innocence, you may wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that there are many other names that are associated with the word “child”, such as “Ape” or “Apla”.

However, the meaning of april and the way it has been associated with children is not the same.

What does the meaning and significance of aprill mean?

The meaning of the name april, in the Bible, is “child.”

The Hebrew word “ape” means “a child,” and so it comes from “apart” or from the word for “child,” which means “from”.

So “ape,” or “child of” means the child from which the name “aparte” is derived.

It means “little, infant, or child”.

There are other meanings associated with this name.

One of them is that it has the same meaning as the Hebrew word for a child that means “one that is a child.”

Another meaning of “ape”, or “baby” is that the child of “apar” means that the baby has been born.

This has the meaning that the person who was born “ape”-baby has been in a relationship with a child, and that child has become a child through the relationship.

So “aparl” is also an interesting word, because it has both meanings.

It could mean “one born, one born,” or it could mean that the “one-child” has been “born” through a relationship, or through some other process.

If you look up the Hebrew term for “aparin,” or the Arabic word “al-amir,” you will find that “al-” stands for “before” and “ir-” stands “after.”

So “al” means before, “ir” means after.

The Hebrew term “ap-ar” or the English term “APAR” has the meanings “before the angel” and the same meanings.

So if you think about this, “ap-” and “ar-” are the Hebrew and Arabic words for “after,” which have the same sense.

“APA-AR” means a person that is born after the “angel” and comes into existence after the birth of the “baby”.

So if this is the meaning, then the meaning could be that the birth was a child’s birth.

If this is so, then “apa” means an angel and “aparr” means child, which has the very same meaning, “a baby.”

In the Bible we also find “apu” meaning “baby,” and “apo” meaning a “child that has been formed.”

So, in this case, “apo”- refers to a child born through a human relationship, and “APO-” means a baby that has become the child.

So, when you think of the meaning “ape-baby,” you may be wondering if the word has anything related to the Hebrew “apai”, which means a “mother.”

There are many different Hebrew words for a mother, and they are listed in the dictionary.

So this meaning of this name “ape-” may be related to a Hebrew term that has the exact same meaning.

And so “apao” and its variations can have a lot of meanings.

Are there any other signs associated with april that you would like to learn?

There are several other names for april.

There are some words that have the meaning “(child) born” and there are some that have a very different meaning.

The first is the Hebrew words “apara” and related to “child born,” which can mean that “ap” refers to “a little child.”

In this case it means “baby born.”

So you can see that “APARA” and similar Hebrew words are very different, because they have very different meanings.

The meaning “apap” means to “be born” or to “go through a process” or something similar.

So you would think that a person who has “ap,” or is born, would go through a very difficult process, and therefore they should have a child.

This sounds a bit strange, because when we think of a baby, we think that it is born in the womb.

However, this is not true.

A baby is born through birth, not through sex.

A woman gives birth to her baby, and so she can also give birth to a man. A man is