Happy birthday sign.

How to tell when to buy a birthday ring and other birthday paraphernalia.

Happy birthday, you’re officially on the birth chart.

Happy Birthday, your new partner is awesome.

Happy day, you’ve met your new boss.

Happy holiday, you have just begun to work on your retirement plan.

Happy New Year, you just got back from a family vacation to Florida.

Happy Thanksgiving, you haven’t been to your family Christmas party in months.

Happy Valentine’s Day, you finally found your love.

Happy birthdays.

Happy anniversaries.

Happy special occasions.

Happy christmas, you won’t be disappointed.

Happy anniversary, you are just getting started.

Happy Halloween, your baby is on the way.

Happy Easter, you had the perfect treat for the occasion.

Happy new year, you were finally born.

Happy Father’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day is your best friend.

Happy graduation, you’ll be a great financial pro.

Happy Valentines Day, your kids are going to love your gift!

Happy Christmas, you will get everything you need for the holidays.

Happy Eid Mubarak, your spouse is going to the mosque.

Happy Mardi Gras, your family will be enjoying you at your home.

Happy Shabbat, your friends will be celebrating with you.

Happy Hanukkah, your parents will be having their own special celebration.

Happy Fourth of July, you celebrated with friends and family.

Happy Independence Day, there is a new holiday in town.

Happy Labor Day, the holidays are coming to you.