The new wireless carrier’s “T-Mobile Signature” program, announced Monday, promises to sign your home’s appliances and electronics with a T.

Mobile logo and other T. Mobile branded devices.

The program will begin in the first quarter of 2019 and is limited to homes that have one or more TVs, stereos, stereopters, light bulbs, lights, microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers, dryers, dishwasher rinks, dishwashing machines, dish washing bags, dish towels, dish detergents, dish soap, dish washers, dish racks, dish-washing machines and dishwashes.

Those that sign up with the T.M.

Signing Program will be able to get the brand-new Samsung TV, LG television, Sony plasma TV, Panasonic plasma TV and Apple TV for free.

T-mobile also announced plans to offer a new version of its app, called the T-mobile app, for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

T-Mobiles app allows customers to search for, add and delete products and services, browse their shopping cart and access customer service, all through their smartphones.

The T- Mobile Signature program will be available for T-Mobility customers with existing T-Mo customers and those who sign up through T-mobiles new “Smart Home” app.

For those who don’t already have a Tmobile account, T-mo will give you a $20 credit toward your first bill.

Tmobile also is expanding its service in the retail industry.

Starting Monday, the company will offer $2 gas and home delivery, which will be in stores, on-demand services and via T-mobility devices.

That means customers will be eligible for $2 home delivery with Tmobile’s smart home services starting Monday, March 6.

The company is also offering a new $2.99 home delivery service for $8.99 for home delivery on its TMobile app.

The new T-MO services are available to Tmobile customers who have an account with the company.TMO is expanding into the entertainment industry with a $15 off coupon for Tmobile devices that come with a 30-day trial.

TMO is offering the coupon through the company’s website and through the TMO app.