A sign on a doorpost at a mall in New Jersey has become a viral sensation after being shared on social media.

The sign was posted by a friend of a friend in response to a viral photo on social networking site Instagram.

In the photo, a woman was pictured wearing a dollar sign, a symbol of the United States, with a dollar bill above the sign.

The dollar sign has become popular among people in New York and California, who believe it is a symbol that indicates the value of the US dollar.

The viral video has received nearly 1 million views.

The New Jersey sign has been taken down, but not before thousands of people have commented on the sign and posted photos of themselves holding it up to the sign as well as posting comments about the dollar sign.

Another sign at the Mall of America in New Orleans has been removed as well.

The mall, located in the city of New Orleans, is one of the largest shopping centers in the US.

It is located in a suburb of New York.