Nike’s first store in Canada is expected to open later this year in Calgary’s “Sports Bar,” according to reports.

The new store, located at 990 10th Ave., will be located inside the “Sports Hub” space in the existing “Sportsbar,” which was first opened in 2017.

The outlet will be the first to offer a sports bar and bar service to the city, according to a press release from the Calgary Sports & Entertainment Corporation (CSE).

The new location will include two sports bars and a food court, as well as a bar with bar service.

The first location will open in 2019, the release stated.

The Calgary Sports Bar will feature a full bar experience including a full kitchen, bar area, and bar area with a bar service menu, a full outdoor patio, and a separate bar for sports drinks.

The Sports Hub will be a “sports-centric space that will be used to serve food and beverages to our local communities and guests as well,” according the release.

The project was approved by CSE’s planning and development committee, which will be responsible for approving the new store location, according CSE.

A spokesperson for Nike Canada said the brand has been actively exploring the opportunity to expand its footprint in Canada.

“We are excited to bring this first store to the City of Calgary,” the spokesperson said in an email to Business Insider.

“It will be an important milestone for us to provide our customers with an expanded and more convenient retail experience, and we are looking forward to bringing our signature brand of sports apparel to our city.”

Nike announced in February that it was building a new sports bar in Edmonton, Alberta, which it will call the “Edmonton Sports Bar.”

In February, Nike confirmed that the brand would expand its presence in Canada, which is currently home to just one store, the “Nike Factory” in Edmonton.

Nike’s “sports bars” are designed to be used by customers in a variety of sports and fitness areas, such as basketball, baseball, volleyball, football, hockey, hockey/baseball, track and field, and even tennis.

However, there is no guarantee that the new “sports store” will feature the same level of amenities that the “sports shop” will, such it will have full bar services, a bar area and bar areas with bar services menus, and bars with bar functions.

“Nikes goal is to be the leader in the sports and entertainment industry with a store in every city,” the CSE spokesperson said.