The sign in question is in a parking lot in the heart of downtown Chicago, just a block away from a Sears store, but it looks just like the real deal: It’s got a sign with a smiling face, a circular logo with the words “ZODIAC,” a star in the middle, and a bunch of stars on either side.

In fact, there are five stars in the sign, and they’re all attached to a circular outline of a circle, like a compass.

But the sign is fake.

The sign on the left is from a local company called Zodiac Signs, which is a reference to the zodiac sign Pisces, which means “thunder.”

In fact there are three zodiac signs, which mean “four” or “five,” and the sign on Zodiac signs’ sign says “five.”

Zodiac sign sign symbols are a great way to distinguish between a real sign and a fake.

You can also look for the symbols on the sign to make sure it’s real.

Zodiac Sign Sign symbol on a sign that says “Zodiac sign” sign that reads “zodiac sign.”

The sign’s circular logo.