I’d heard that the Australian government had made a decision to not go ahead with a $1 billion stimulus package and that’s why I was protesting, so I’m not surprised.

But what was surprising was the response I got from people who knew me, people who’d been here for a long time, people I know.

One man said he was in the middle of a construction job and had just got off a train, so when he heard about the protest he thought I was crazy.

I’ve been here in Melbourne for the last five years, and I’ve always been a pretty quiet person.

So, for people to say, ‘Well, you’re not actually going to do anything.

You’re just going to sit there, and if you’re going to be noisy, you better do it in a different way.’

I felt like that was a little bit disrespectful to the protesters.

But at the same time, the protest was very important, because I wanted to make sure that people in Australia knew about the issues that were affecting their lives, and that there’s a way to change things.