The U.S. will be the first nation to use Google Sign-in for a year, the search giant announced today.

The program is set to begin in November.

The sign-in process is free and will take a few minutes, Google said in a blog post.

“When people are signed in, they’ll see their Google account as a ‘Google Account’ and can then choose to use the account or not,” Google said.

The company is also starting to test a Google Sign in extension for businesses.

The extension lets customers register with a Google account for any activity they may be doing with their business, including creating new accounts and creating new customer accounts.

Google has launched other services that allow people to sign up for other services through their Google Account, such as the Google Drive app and the Google Wallet app.

“We’re excited to begin the sign in process for the first year of this program and look forward to providing additional updates on the sign-ins and use of Google Sign In in the months ahead,” Google’s Jeff Osterloh said in the blog post, which is being shared with Google customers.

The new program is being called Google SignIn and will help Google keep up with growing demand for its services.

Google’s stock was up 5% at $155.36 in afternoon trading.