By now you’re probably aware that Hulu is getting more people sign up for its streaming service.

Hulu’s sign up numbers are actually up by a healthy 2% this year compared to last year.

The reason that Hulu has been able to keep its sign up rates at a healthy level is that its subscription model is very simple.

Hulu subscribes to a monthly plan, and it also has a streaming service subscription.

The only way to add content to Hulu is to subscribe to that service.

So Hulu’s subscriber base is growing rapidly thanks to the growing popularity of its streaming services.

Hulu added more than 50 million new subscribers last year, and those new subscribers are making Hulu’s streaming service a much more popular choice among subscribers.

Hulu has also added a bunch of new features to its streaming app.

This week it introduced an on-demand video library, which lets users watch Hulu’s movies and TV shows as they stream online.

Hulu also announced plans to expand its on-premises video library to include more content.

As for Hulu’s on-going sign-up growth, Hulu says that its sign-ups are growing by more than 2% every month.

The service now has more than 7.4 million subscribers.

It’s now up to 5.5 million subscribers in the US, and Hulu expects to add another 100 million subscribers by year’s end.

Hollywood’s new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer and the news that Star Wars 8 has a premiere date in the UKThe release of Star Wars 9 has not been officially announced by Disney, but a new trailer has been released for Star Wars 10.

And we now know that the upcoming Star Wars movies are also coming to the UK.

We’ve already seen the UK premiere of Star and the new Star wars movies in London, but we now have an official trailer for the UK release.

It has a new voice cast, a new location, and the UK has been announced as a new home for the new movies.

It looks like the UK will be the first part of the world where these new StarWars films will be released.

We also know that Star and Star Wars 11 will be hitting theaters in the coming months.

It appears that Star wars 10 is also coming out in the United Kingdom.

It’ll likely be the same day as the UK and Australia.

We’ll keep you updated on all of this as more information becomes available.