Hotmail is making it easy to sign up for your email account while you’re at the gate at the nation’s airports.

The new service lets you sign up with your Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as add an additional email address.

The service’s launch at Chicago O’Hare Airport on Tuesday is the first of its kind at an international airport.

In the past, airlines have had to use separate accounts to handle incoming email traffic.

The O’hare Airport program was supposed to make it easier to signup for an account, but it wasn’t fully implemented.

That’s now changed, thanks to Hotmail’s rollout.

Hotmail users will be able to sign-up for their email accounts while they’re at O’hare, even if they’re not at the checkpoint.

The company said that it was able to implement the service at Chicago’s O’heas airport because of its global reach.

Hotmail is also offering to help travelers with other reasons to sign back up for their account.

Hotmails users will now be able log into their accounts with a different name, and it will prompt them to check their email, Twitter and Facebook accounts before they can sign in.

The update is available to users who already have a Hotmail account, and users can access it once they’ve signed up for a new account.

As we’ve said, Hotmail doesn’t have any official announcements at this time.

However, in a statement, the company said the feature is only available at Chicago airports and the rollout is expected to continue throughout the month.