You can sign in to your Google account or your Apple or Facebook account and sign in with your Japanese mobile phone number.

If you’re on a Chinese mobile network, the app will translate your Chinese sign into Japanese.

Here’s how.

(Jenny Starrs/The Washington Post) If you’re looking for a Chinese sign for your iPhone, try signing in using your Android phone number instead.

Sign in to Google to see your sign language words.

If your Chinese mobile number is different than the one you signed in with, check the Sign in to Android app and you’ll be able to change your sign in from Google.

Google has been working on this app since last year, but it was released in November.

You’ll also find a Chinese phone number for your Japanese SIM card, which is handy for getting around China, even if you’re not fluent in the language.

Here’s how to use the app.

Follow these instructions: 1.

Sign in using Google.


Click the Sign-in button on the top right.


Enter the Japanese phone number in the Japanese text box.


Click on the Sign Up button.


Enter your phone number, and a PIN.


When you’re done, you’ll see your Chinese phone’s Japanese text on the sign-in page.


You can use your Android number to sign in on your iPhone or Facebook or any other mobile device that has a Japanese SIM.


To get your phone’s Chinese text to appear on your sign-up page, sign in using a Japanese phone or a Chinese SIM.

(Chad Lee/The New York Times) 9.

Sign out of Google or your other account.


Go back to the sign in page.