I am anti-Trump.

My sign is the same as the sign you’re using.

You can’t read it and it’s like I’m going to burn you at the stake.

The fact that this sign was so easy to find on the internet speaks volumes about the state of the country.

If you’re a Republican and your Republican candidate loses, you’re going to lose your election.

If I have to see that sign again, I will never vote for Donald Trump again.

I am tired of the Democrats playing the blame game.

They’re playing politics with my vote.

They are playing politics for the sake of politics.

The Democratic party has lost the political battle for me.

I do not want to vote for a Democratic president.

They don’t want to take my vote away.

The Democrats have done a lot of work to take away my right to vote.

I’m not happy about it.

The Republican party is more concerned about the media and the power they have in this country.

They care more about their party’s candidate than I do about their right to take our vote away from us.

The problem with Donald Trump is he is a con artist who plays politics with our votes.

He has been playing politics on my behalf for decades.

He plays politics for money.

He wants to steal our vote from us and he doesn’t want our vote to be theirs.

Trump was a con man, and now he’s a conman.

His political career has been one long, sleazy, and sleazy game of politics, and he’s never been able to stop playing.

He’s always going to play this game.

That’s why he lost the election.

I’ve been trying to make this sign as simple and easy to understand as possible, but the fact that it’s so easy just tells you everything you need to know about the political culture in America.

The media and Hillary Clinton have been playing a political game with our vote for years.

They have been doing that for years, and they have the right to do it.

But you’ve got to realize that you can’t win this game if you’re not willing to fight back.

I will not vote for Hillary Clinton, but I will continue to fight the good fight.

The left-wing media is using Trump’s victory as an excuse to continue to play politics with your vote.

The mainstream media is now playing politics in your name.

The people are furious.

They feel betrayed and cheated.

They want to see Donald Trump gone.

They’ve been playing the game for decades and have never given up.

I feel betrayed.

They just want to get rid of Donald Trump.

The Democrat party is using this election to get their political agenda through.

They think they have an easy victory this time.

They know they’ve got the people to beat him.

He lost because they don’t have any of the people.

They can’t get rid for the reasons that they have been using for years and years.

But I will fight back, because the people of this country are tired of playing the games and they’re tired of losing.

They need to get back to their jobs and their families and start taking care of their families again.

The way the media is playing the election is the exact opposite of what we want to hear.

The Clinton campaign has been trying so hard to make Trump lose by saying that he’s not qualified to be president.

Now they’re playing the race card.

Trump is a fraud.

He is a fake president.

He isn’t qualified to serve.

I want to fight against the Democrat party because they are trying to take this election away from Americans and it is their duty to take it back from Americans.

That means voting for me and not the Democratic party.

I know it is hard for you to get behind this, but it’s your duty to fight for this country and not for the Democratic Party.

That is why you need a pro-America candidate to take the fight to them.

The American people are tired and they want to put an end to this corrupt, dishonest and rigged political game.

Donald Trump won this election.

The only reason he lost was because of you and your support.

I don’t care what the media or Hillary Clinton say, we are not going to allow them to take that away from you and to take you for granted.

The future of the American people is at stake.

We need a Trump victory.

We are going to continue the fight against these corrupt, corrupt, and rigged politicians who are trying the most to take us for granted and steal our right to elect a pro America president.

Thank you, Donald Trump, for the incredible support you’ve shown over the years.

I look forward to the next campaign.

We must defeat this corrupt and dishonest party and its crooked operatives.

I also look forward, in the coming days, to a debate between Donald Trump and the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton.

If she wins the election, I look at that as the end of her campaign. But