People have complained about their neighbors’ signs and behaviour for years, but it’s no secret that these signs and the people they are posted on are often ignored or misinterpreted.

But it’s getting more difficult for the public to understand why so many signs have become so annoying.

The Irish Examiner has found that people’s perceptions of the signs have changed in recent years and many have stopped using them.

Here are some of the common misunderstandings and misapprehensions people have about what’s going on in their own neighbourhood.1.

It’s only about a block away.

It could be two blocks away.

No, you don’t have to be a block long to hear your neighbour complaining about something that is in his yard.

If you don’ want to see your neighbour’s sign, you can drive past and take a look at it yourself.

But if you do, you should do it only to get an idea of how your neighbour is feeling and then ask yourself whether that’s the right way to go about it.2.

My neighbour has a dog.

I have a dog too.


The signs have to do with dog behaviour.

They’re not about whether you like your neighbour or not, they’re about your dog and how well it is behaving.

You can tell a lot about the dog’s temperament and health from the signs, but your neighbour should never have to answer a question about whether he has a pet or not.3.

My dog is aggressive.

Is he a problem?


In many cases, dogs are perfectly capable of being friendly and loving and it’s perfectly normal for a dog to bark or bark in response to a certain noise or sight.

It does not mean your dog is a problem.4.

My neighbours’ dog is attacking me.

Are you?


People often have no idea how to approach a neighbour who has a problem with a dog, and if they do, they should stop and ask themselves what they should do.5.

My friend has a barking dog.

Is it OK?

Yes, but do your best to explain what is happening to your friend and what it means.

You could also consider asking the dog owner what’s causing the problem.6.

My dogs are friendly.

Is that a sign that they should be left alone?

No, it’s not.

Dogs can be quite friendly when they’re happy and playful, but they also need to be allowed to express themselves.

And if your neighbour has given a dog a treat, it might be best for them to leave it alone.7.

I think my dog is barking at me.

Can you explain what it is that you think is happening?

No and no.

There are lots of signs and warnings that you can use to help you understand what’s happening in your neighbourhood.

It might be to ask yourself if you should approach your neighbour to explain why a barking noise is coming from the house or if you want to leave your dog alone.

You could also try asking your neighbour for some ideas on how to be better friends with your dog.

You might want to ask him to read some of his own dogs behaviour in a book or to play a game with your neighbour.8.

I’m a dog lover.

Do I need to give my neighbour a warning?

Yes if you think your neighbour doesn’t have a pet and you want them to know that, and yes if you have a big dog, you might want your neighbour too.

If your neighbour likes dogs and has a large, healthy dog, it is not unreasonable for you to be wary of approaching him.9.

I’ve got a puppy.

Can I approach my neighbour?

Yes of course, if you don�t have a puppy yourself, but there are a few things you should be aware of.

Your neighbour might have one, or maybe two, but if he has them all, you could have them all in the yard and you could let your neighbour in if he wants to.

You should also check if your neighbours dog has a leash and if it’s allowed on the property.

If your neighbour owns two dogs, it�s not necessary to be polite and ask the owner to give the neighbour a leash or to give your neighbour a treat if you know that he doesn�t need to.10.

I know it’s annoying.

Can your neighbour help me understand?


You can talk to your neighbour and ask him how he thinks about the signs and why he is annoyed.

This can be very helpful if your neighbor is having a hard time understanding what you’re trying to say.11.

What if my neighbour has allergies?

No problem.

You can give your neighbor the warning you want, and you can let him know that if you really want him to leave you alone, you have the right to do that.

You don�ll need to ask your neighbour why he’s annoyed.

If it�t the first time your neighbour tries to talk to you, he may think you’re going