The NCSecru membership sign was supposed to be a nice, easy way to tell when someone is a member of the cult.

But a new report has revealed that the sign was made by someone who is still a member and, therefore, is still allowed to sell it.

The report, by the Southern Poverty Law Center, is part of a larger investigation into the cult known as The One True Path.

The Center is also the parent organization of The Watchmen.

The group has been accused of harassing, terrorizing, and killing people for decades.

The NCsecru sign was part of an exhibit at the Center.

A member of The One Way Path, who requested anonymity to speak freely about the ongoing investigation, said that the NCsecu sign has a number of uses, including for identification, and that it has been sold in several other states.

“The NCSecuc sign is a very valuable tool,” the person said.

“I use it when people ask for identification because they have not been allowed to leave.”