A birthday-signing sign in the U.S. is being made in a bid to highlight the health benefits of cancer treatments.

The sign features an air-paint painting of a smiling woman with her arms crossed and her legs crossed to the left and right to indicate that the sign is being done for cancer patients.

The woman is holding a sign with a heart and a “Happy Birthday” sign.

“The cancer-awareness sign was created with the help of CancerCare, a nonprofit advocacy organization that supports and supports the health and well-being of cancer patients,” the sign reads.

“It’s a simple, effective way to encourage people to talk to their doctor, get screened, and be able to choose what they are comfortable with and what they want to do for their own health and the health of their loved ones,” the organization said.

The company behind the sign, American Cancer Society, said in a statement that it was a way to honor the patients who are battling cancer.

It is an honor to collaborate with American Cancer Care to create a unique and beautiful public health campaign that will serve as a way for cancer survivors and their loved one to share their joy and their hope for the future,” she said.