Zodiacales is the latest addition to the long list of titles to have been announced for a Zodiac sequels spin-off.

The title will be the third in a series of Zodiac spin-offs and has already been picked up for a sequel.

The film will star David Bradley and Olivia Colman and was written by Tom Clancy and Tom Hardy. 

In the film, Zodiac is sent on a mission to track down a ZODA (Zodiac Assassination Device) device that he believes is responsible for the death of his girlfriend, a mysterious girl named Taryn.

The movie is set to be released in early 2018.

It has already earned an R-rating and will be available on DVD, Blu-ray and digital download, but it’s likely the sequel will have a slightly different tone. 

The film will be directed by Tom Hardy, who also wrote the sequel to Zodiac: Day of the Dead. 

This time the Zodiac has been sent to New Zealand by an enigmatic man who has kidnapped the girl, Taryn, but has been forced to return when the plane crashes on the island. 

Zodiac will be produced by Mark L. Sullivan and Willy Hern, who produced the Zodas: Day 1 and Day 2 films.

The original Zodiac films starred Bradley as the title character, who had a rather dark past.

Bradley was known to have an unhealthy relationship with his father.

He also had a romantic relationship with actress Julia Leigh, but she ended up divorcing him. 

After his death, Bradley was resurrected and brought back to life to work as an FBI agent.