The sign in Britain has been a frequent reminder of the growing toll of the disease, but now a campaign has raised awareness about its dangers.

The message was shared by the Cancer Society of Great Britain and Ireland in a blog post, warning people not to take the sign out on public transport, in schools, or anywhere they don’t have to be aware of it.

The sign has been around since the 1950s, when it was first spotted on the London Underground, which was originally used for signalling traffic.

But it wasn’t until 2012 that the message was changed to warn of the risks of the cancer-causing agent known as BRCA1 and BRCa2, which are both linked to breast cancer.

Now, people are also noticing the signs around their homes, businesses and even at home.

The sign has also been used in public transport.

This is the first time that the sign has had a public campaign and has been shared widely across social media, which is a huge step in the right direction.

But the sign is not the only sign to be seen.

A number of signs are also popping up around the country.

The first to pop up in London, for example, is a small blue and white sign on a wall outside the St Pancras station, which has become a popular spot for people to take selfies with the sign.

It’s been popular with people who take photos with the photo and comment on it online.

Another sign posted to social media has a message for anyone who wants to use the sign to keep tabs on the disease.

“I would say to stop taking the sign with you,” it reads.

“If you have been exposed to BRCS, please get tested and if you are positive, you can be vaccinated.

And remember that if you can, you are not at risk of getting cancer.”