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Custom Business Sign Maker

If you have a chance to install signs that are visible from traffic passing by, the legibility of your business sign will have different factors when being viewed from a moving vehicle. If no one can read your message, you are wasting your money. The readability will be deter­mined by the following:

  • Driving speed and the number of traffic lanes, both of which influence reaction time, will determine which signs will be recognizable.


  • Setback distance, how long is the sign within a driver's cone of vision, before it is outside driver's cone of vision.


  • Graphic design considerations, such as selected typeface, bold easy to read letters with proper spacing. In addition to the selection of letter style, spacing, and capital­ization, the letter height is also dependent on the number of statements or lines of text, the speed at which the vehicle will be traveling, and the lateral distance between the viewer and the sign.


  • The number of words, names, or syllables on a sign; color contrast; number of items of information (there should be six or fewer).


  • The overall area of the sign, or total square footage of the sign face.


  • Lighting and sources of illuminations, also factor in when viewed at night.


  Reaction time when a car is moving, may be the biggest factor in the time it takes a driver to see a display, read its message, and comprehend its meaning. The average time it takes has been field tested, at between 8 and 12 seconds. Also a car moving at a fast pace, travels farther while the driver is reacting to a message and, that message must be larger. For every 50 feet (15 meters) of distance separating a viewer from an object, 1 inch (2.5 millimeters) of letter height is re­quired. To ensure the signs readability, 1-inch Helvetica capital letters for every 30 feet (9 meters) of distance.


Since there is a limit to what a person may see and remem­ber while driving, the number of items of information being seen, as he moves down the street can become limited. Visual items defined as being a symbol, word, a syllable, or unique shape. The recommended visual items of six or less should be enough information, to adequately help a driver find what he is seeking. No more than six items of infor­mation seems to be the maximum a driver will be able absorb from any one street sign. Take all these considerations into context when designing your business signs to be visible for potential customers driving by in their vehicles. #anaheimsigns.

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custom business sign maker
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Business route






custom business sign maker


a business route is designated by adding the letter “B” after the number instead of placing a “Business” sign above it. For example, Arkansas signs US







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