Exterior Sign Installed on Building

Spend time checking out signs online, prior to you establish which type of indication will ideal suit your demands. Google images are a fantastic resource for indicator concepts. Merely type in some keywords that could explain the sort of indication you want, like lighted letters, or indication graphics, or stone monolith signs. You will certainly manage to see tons of graphics that can offer you some concepts, as well as style inspiration. This will certainly help you recognize and also identify the kind of indicator you will certainly be buying, and also all your estimators will be bidding the exact same factor.


Exterior Sign Installed on Building



The size of exterior signs is often closely related to the size of copy they display. The basic size of the copy message depends upon two factors: how long the message is and how far away it must be legible. Legibility of all exte­rior signs is influenced by several factors, Any exterior sign, such as one giving parking directions which requires the driver to stop, slow down, or change directions, must be legible from a greater-than-normal distance, allowing the driver time to re­spond to whatever directions are indicated. After the letter height for a particular sign has been deter­mined, rough layouts of the copy message can be made. If the basic shape of the sign panel has not been predetermined, these layouts can help in determining its final shape. For example, a freestanding sign may involve a six-word message. Let’s assume you use 12-inch high letters, it might not be practical to run the message in only one line. This would make the sign over 30 feet long. By trying rough copy layouts in two or three lines, the designer can determine an appropriate panel size. At the same time, the designers should explore vari­ous shapes, in his search for a shape that will meet all require­ments. Addtional News:

OSHA’s Heat Safety App hits 72K downloads as temps rise and campaign to protect workers begins

With temperatures rising across the nation, check out OSHA’s Heat Safety Tool mobile app to calculate the Heat Index for your location and get reminders about how to prevent heat illness on the job. The popular app has been downloaded by more than 72,000 people since its launch in 2011. Available in English or Spanish on your smart phone, the app is one of many resources that OSHA is offering as part of its 2013 outreach campaign.

Through OSHA’s alliance with Lamar Advertising, electronic billboards positioned along busy Interstate 95 in Stratford, Conn. are delivering heat safety messages in English and Spanish, to an estimated 100,000 travelers every day.

For information and resources on heat illness, visit OSHA’s Heat Illness Prevention page. To order quantities of OSHA’s heat illness educational materials in English or Spanish, call OSHA’s Office of Communications at (202) 693-1999.

OSHA reminds inspectors to ensure exit doors are unlocked, exit routes unobstructed

OSHA is reminding compliance officers to check for adequate means of egress at all workplaces. This follows the recent disastrous fire and explosion that killed at least 119 workers on June 4, 2013, at a poultry processing plant in China.

(PDF*) for more information on employers’ responsibilities to ensure that their workers are able to exit the workplace quickly and safely. OSHA QuickTakes – Bi-Weekly E-News Memo

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